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Hard Tree Fellers, Cape Town, Western Cape

As qualified Trees surgeons, we have been carrying out tree felling in Western Cape, South Africa for many years. Felling Trees safely requires us to survey the site and establish the best method to fell the tree and avoid damage to the surrounding areas. We are happy to offer our Tree Felling site surveys for free to all our customers, along with any appropriate advice.

Tree Felling may be required if a Tree is diseased or has been damaged beyond help by a storm or other such force. If a tree has suffered from storm damage and the damage cannot be saved by using other pruning techniques, then the tree will have to be felled using the correct skills and equipment. If a tree is hung up or has fallen but is caught on a surrounding tree, then this is a safety issue and it needs to be felled.

It may be necessary to fell a tree for other reasons such as the damage it’s causing to surrounding property or other environmental situations. If a tree is too close to a house or other building, then the roots become an issue with the foundations, and often subsidence occurs.

Subsidence can also be traced to the over consumption of moisture from clay soils by tall trees. Tree Felling may not be required in all circumstances, but careful reduction and pruning will be of great benefit.

Other reasons to remove a tree completely by felling are if the tree is Dead, Dangerous or Diseased.