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Hard Tree Fellers, Cape Town, Western Cape

The process of land clearing does include these two services. But, it depends on the area of land that needs clearing. If there aren’t any trees, then tree lopping and removal is not required. Most land clearing companies have the equipment available to remove trees as quickly and safely as possible. And, they use tree lopping techniques that let them keep the timber from any trees that they cut down. The timber is collected and stockpiled up for your use. You can decide whether to keep it for construction purposes, sell it, or dispose of it

Rest assured, if there are trees on the land that needs clearing, they’ll be completely removed by the end of the process.

A lot of companies use a mulching process to, completely, get rid of tree roots, etc. This means that they’ll take an extra long time to start growing back. In fact, trees will rarely grow back at all. And, the land will require once a year of maintenance. Of course, this is if you leave the land bare and don’t do any work to it. If you build on the cleared land, then nothing is going to grow back.